03 Jul: Goals

We all have goals, right? Messages around goals come at us from an early age and keep on coming. In school we set goals around grades we needed to achieve, or sports and other activities. As adults we’re constantly motivated by career goals, relationship goals, fitness goals and just general #lifegoals. We might see something we want, or aspire to change our lives in some way and so we set a goal for ourselves to reach. Goal setting is easy, but how about what it takes to get us to actually achieve them?

17 Jun: From Intro to Extro Vert

Being a photographer means getting to connect with people in a truly meaningful way. I was pretty shy as a kid and would often hide behind a book instead of interacting with people, even in social situations! Yep, I was totally that kid sitting in the corner reading Harry Potter instead of talking to anyone around me. Becoming a photographer taught me to open up and get close to people, and this was not an easy thing at first...